US Judge deems $50 million keyboard settlement ‘Fair and Reasonable’

Apple’s offered $50 million settlement for a class-action lawsuit was deemed ‘fair, adequate, and reasonable’ by a US judge.

A class-action lawsuit was made against Apple in Michigan, California, Florida, and New York over faulty MacBook butterfly keyboards. The lawsuit claims that the Cupertino-based company did not provide ‘sufficient repairs or troubleshooting help’ from butterfly-type keyboards on MacBook models made from 2015 to 2019.

$50 Million Keyboard

US District Judge Edward Davila approved the $50 million settlement, although there were some objections, including the fact that $125 would not be enough to compensate for the repair. Others said that denying compensation was ‘unfair’, but Davila said that the settlement will benefit many people.

Class members are to receive compensation that can range from $50 to $395, depending on the nature and number of repairs made on their MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or MacBook keyboards. As of March this year, there were 86,000-plus claims submitted in total.