US Midwest gets additional biking directions in Apple Maps


Apple has rolled out new cycling directions for the US midwest regions, including Columbus, Detroit and Chicago.

Apple Maps

Cycling directions launched in iOS 14 and offers cyclists several path options if they want to navigate through bikes. Assets in Apple Maps include obstacles, inclines and bike lanes, among others.

The new biking directions are for all of West Virginia and Ohio, as well as parts of Virginia, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. It’s a continuation of ongoing bike direction rollouts on Apple Maps. On April 1st bike paths appeared in the US’ northeastern region.

Apple’s default navigation app continues to improve and come up with new features since it was released in 2012. Just this year the Cupertino-based company expanded in metropolitan Canada and now features 3D landmarks and advanced navigation options.

Apple Maps is being expanded in the UK as well, with teams equipped with cameras touring the cities to collect data.

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