Spotify has introduced its live lyrics beta testing feature for subscribers in the US. The beta feature is rolling out today so some may see the ‘view lyrics’ option right on the song they’re listening to on iOS devices.

Lyrics Beta

Live lyrics is already a staple in some countries. Spotify released a statement how the lyrics feature is coming to a select few to see how the user experience goes. The music streaming service also mentions that some tests can become a permanent feature while others are for ‘learning’.

The lyrics in Spotify is provided by Musixmatch and is available in 26 countries, including India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil and others. It’s worthy to note that while live lyrics have made an appearance in Canada it wasn’t made permanent.

Apple Music, a similar music streaming service has live lyrics since the launch of iOS 13. The words scroll to the tune of the song and makes it easier for the user to sing along.


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