US states side with Fortnite creator in Apple Vs Epic lawsuit


35 US attorney generals have submitted a statement, saying that Apple has been trying to ‘stifle competition’ using its App Store in relation to the ongoing Apple vs Epic lawsuit.


In 2021, the ruling was such that most of them sided with Apple; however it’s currently on the appeals process. Attorney generals, including those in the District of Columbia have sent in a letter of support to Epic.

It’s said in the letter that Apple’s conduct had been harming millions of citizens and mobile app developers. Also, the attorney generals accuse the Cupertino-based company of monopolizing iPhone in-app payment solutions and app distribution, amassing supracompetitive profits and stifling the competition.

The US Department of Justice has also sent a letter, and academics and activist groups have filed legal arguments about the lawsuit and how they’re in favor of Epic. Legal proceedings are now in Apple’s court, with the company expected to respond in March 2022.

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