Vancouver car thieves get smart, ditch found AirTag

Tech savvy car thieves are getting wind of Apple’s tracker, as a recent attempt to recover a stolen vehicle have been unsuccessful.

Becca Hislop discovered on Sunday that her car was beset by a thief. However, she was careful about her investment and left an AirTag. Hislop used the AirTag and watched as it moved through downtown Vancouver, and the next day again in an attempt to find her vehicle.


The AirTag location was at a winery in Kelowna, but when she arrived she discovered that the thief had attached the tracker to an Evo Car Share vehicle which means she was redirected away to the location of her car. The Vancouver police then stepped in and was able to retrieve her car with minimal damage.

The AirTag isn’t always successful in retrieving lost possessions, as there are reports of the owners and perpetrators getting injured and the item getting lost and irretrievable.