Apple Shares Five New “That’s iPhone” Videos

Naveed Ahmed
By Naveed Ahmed  - News Editor
Apple Shares Five New "That’s iPhone" Videos
[Image Credits: Apple Inc.]

If you have subscribed Apple on their YouTube channel, you must know that they share promotional and educational videos for their iPhone and iPad users. Today they have uploaded 5 promotional videos series on “That’s iPhone” playlist.

Each video consist of 20 seconds highlights an iPhone feature or app that can make life a little simpler.

Apple Shares Five New "That’s iPhone" Videos

The first set highlights the progress that Apple has added to recent iPhones in waterproofing. Check it out:

The second video released demonstrates the ability of the iPhone to signing in to apps and services using the Face ID feature. It’s excellent to see Apple showing off this feature since it is often under-appreciation.

Next on the playlist reveals how you can take much better pictures or Live Photos just before or after hitting the shutter. You don’t have to worry about timing your shots right by choosing a different Key Photo.

Apple is highlighting its own “Apple Support” app in the fourth video. The 16-second video explains how easy it is to start chatting with a genius about your iPhone problem.

The last video demonstrates the location-conscious passes of Apple within the Wallet app. In the ad, we see a “notification” boarding pass appearing on the screen, allowing users to access the pass quickly. This Wallet feature can save time to avoid delving into another app for passes.

By Naveed Ahmed News Editor
Naveed Ahmed was a news editor at iLounge. He would cover the latest news about the new iPhone models and provide readers with in-depth reviews of the devices.