Vienna, Austria gets new transit directions on Apple Maps

Apple has recently updated its Apple Maps app to provide transit directions in Austria, specifically its capital, Vienna.

Directions on where the public transportation routes are now uploaded on the app. Users can now choose their preferred transit route when moving from point a to point b. S-Bahn and U-Bahn train routes are prominently included in the map.

The other Austrian cities have also received a significant overhaul but it’s not as comprehensive as the one in Vienna. Apple Maps has put in regional train spots for transit for Innsbruck, to name a few but other public transportation modes have yet to be added.

Apple Maps first outed the transit directions feature in 2015 and along iOS 9’s launch. At first the app only offered transit directions to several cities but has long since expanded during its lifetime.

Today, Apple Maps now has transit directions to countries and cities around the world. The list is covered in the official iPadOS and iOS Feature Availability page.

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