Vietnam asks Apple supply chain partners for COVID-19 vaccines

The Vietnam government has recently asked for help from Apple’s supply chain partners in securing COVID-19 vaccines for its workers.

The country is experiencing a rise in COVID-19 infections, and in order to prevent production from slowing down the government has requested firms such as Samsung and other firms to supply vaccines on top of the ones they have.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Bloomberg reports how the government has called for more vaccines as they try to set up sleeping arrangements on site so the facilities can keep operating. It was mentioned that one factory had split its workforce into two shifts to prevent shutdowns from happening.

Bac Giang, a province that has several Samsung and Apple suppliers is currently trying to reopen factories in 4 industrial parks. Both Bac Giang and Bac Ninh have recorded the highest infection cases from April 27 to May 30, with 804 for Bac Ninh and 2,118 for Bac Giang.