Vietnam’s PM meets with Cook at Apple HQ


Prime Minister of Vietnam Pham Minh Chinh recently went on a trip to discuss finance, investment and trade partnerships with tech giants in the US.

Apple HQ

Chinh met with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday, with the Vietnamese prime minister opening up about how the country’s consumers love Apple products.

He also mentioned how he’s happy with the country becoming more involved in Apple product supply chains, namely the iPad and AirPods.

According to Saigon Online, Chinh said that he hopes Apple will increase its business activities in the country and make it a ‘model market’ in the Asian region, with Cook responding that the company intends to expand supply chains in the country and is considering a domestic supplier and production increase as well.

It’s been reported that Cook asked Chinh for ‘more favorable policies’ to attract other tech companies’ investments.

The Vietnamese prime minister also visited other US tech giants, including Google and Intel during his overseas trip.

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