Vintage fortune magazine with Steve Jobs signature up for grabs

A ‘new’ memorabilia signed by Steve Jobs is currently on the auction block.

A Jobs-featured Fortune Magazine that’s signed by the former CEO will be auctioned off on July 30. The bid starts at $11,000, and the piece itself comes with an interesting backstory.

Steve Jobs signed items are rare, and as such usually valued very high. The last Steve Jobs auctioned memorabilia was a signed floppy disk that sold for $84,000 and a Pixar poster that sold for $31,000.

The signed Fortune Magazine will be auctioned in the Nate D Sanders Auctions. Its description reads ‘To Terry / steve jobs’ with the lower case signature. Terry was a former chauffeur who used to drive Jobs, and asked him to sign the magazine at one point. Job agreed but then notified the limo company and complained about the autograph request.

The signed magazine has been deemed authentic with a JSA certificate. Bidding starts July 30, Thursday.

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