Vision Pro to have 1TB storage

The Apple Vision Pro headset is rumored to come with 1TB of storage space.

With Apple’s high end mixed reality headset comes a hefty requirement for storage. iPhoneSoft, a French publication, reported a leak from a developer session attendee that showed the headset’s storage profile in System Settings similar to the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The attendee further said that the device that came had a 1TB configuration.

Vision Pro

While it’s true that prototype devices sent to developers came in 1 TB, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that the finished product will come with that amount of storage, or if it will be the default entry-level configuration. Contrary to this, 1TB is certainly a possibility for the mixed reality headset and Apple might offer one with 512GB space.

Apple has yet to announce or reveal more details surrounding its Apple Vision Pro, and it’s believed that there’s plenty of other things to take care of before launch.