Volkswagen CEO excited about Apple’s Foray into Self-Driving vehicles

Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagon recently went on LinkedIn following Apple’s announcement of its autonomous car project.

Apple’s Project Titan is up and running and was announced by Apple on Monday. The company mentioned how it could begin production by as early as 2024. Furthermore, the news claimed that the Cupertino-based company will be utilizing a new battery technology that can increase driving range and keep battery costs down.


Diess went on LinkedIn and replied that he’s ‘looking forward’ to new competitors within the auto industry. The move has also caught the attention of Morgan Stanley, an investment bank that believes Apple has the ingredients needed to make it work.

Apple’s car project started in 2014 and underwent staff cuts, change of direction and restructuring before finally moving forward. In December it was rumored that Apple had moved Project Titan’s leadership to John Giannandrea.

No further details have been divulged other than the planned production date.