VP of Apple Health appears on CBS Sunday morning show


Apple Health VP Dr. Sumbul Desai appeared on a Sunday morning show segment to promote Apple Watch features and the potential of smart watches in general.

Apple Health

In the opening segment David Pogue introduced a trio of wearable experts on the use of the device, with Dr. Desai being one of them. The Apple VP went on about several Apple Watch features, including blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate tracking, walking steadiness, irregular heart rate, hand washing and noise notifications. Along the way, the host demonstrated the ECG, sound level warnings and heart rate readings.

Michael Snyder, professor at the Stanford School of Medicine and Gina Neff, professor at the University of Cambridge were also on hand to discuss the studies they were participating in and insights on how wearables can prove to be beneficial to users.

Dr. Desai is set to appear and give a talk on the upcoming 2022 Life Itself event regarding various Apple health initiatives as well.

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