VR enthusiast forecasts Apple glass applications

Robert Scoble, AR and VR enthusiast has forecasted that Apple may be on the verge of a 3D paradigm shift, with products such as Apple Glass and projects that involve 3D audio and making a 3D map of Earth.

Apple Glass is Apple’s wearable smart or augmented reality glasses, which is said to offer real world objects and digitally produced ones as well. Scoble focuses on the user experience the new device can bring, with Apple Glass leading ‘many new products, services and experiences that will come for decades’.

Scoble outlined the list of changes, one of which is a ‘real-time 3D map’ of the whole world which will serve to power the company’s products and consumer experience. Some of the technologies that already exist include the M1 and Neural Engine, as well as the newly unveiled Ultra Wideband.

The VR and AR evangelist concludes with Apple unleashing a new ‘paradigm shifting strategy’, one that brings exciting things and changes the way we live our daily lives.

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