Apple has decided that in the next iteration of watchOS, Apple Watch users can now remove apps that they’re not using, even stock ones.

watchOS 6

With the public release of watchOS 6, users can erase pre-installed apps along with third party ones. Apple Watch goes into jiggle mode when you press and hold down on the Home screen; then apps will have an “x” button that you can tap to further the deletion process.

Alternately, when you remove an app in the iPhone, the same one goes away on the Apple Watch. But there are some Apple Watch apps that aren’t on iOS.

Watch apps such as World Clock, Remote, Stopwatch, Breathe, Alarms, Timer, Radio and Walkie-Talkie will become user-removable once the watchOS 6 goes live. If you find that you need them in the future, you can always re-download them back via the App Store. Core system apps such as Heart Rate and Messages will still be undeletable.


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