watchOS 7.4 beta 5 released

The fifth iteration of the long-awaited watchOS 7.4 is now released.

watchOS 7.4 is notable for having the iPhone mask unlock feature, which allows users to keep their face mask on and still have the ability to unlock their iPhones using their Apple Watch.

watchOS 7.4 Beta 5 Released

In today’s pandemic, not having to take off the mask to unlock the iPhone is a much-needed convenience. It eliminates the tediousness of having to enter the passcode manually whenever a user needs his or her iPhone.

The face unlock feature is set to work not just on masks but where the face is partially covered, e.g., a cover or a helmet.

For the unlock feature to work the iPhone must be on iOS 14.5. Currently, watchOS 7.4 is on beta, and it’s recommended to install the update only on secondary or non-important devices in order to prevent data loss. Backing up data is a pre-requisite before installing the watchOS 7.4 beta 5.