watchOS 9 gets official unveiling, new watch faces


The next watchOS has been unveiled with notable additions in regards to the Workout app, Afib History and watch faces.

Watch Faces

Apple showed the new watchOS 9 update during the WWDC 2022 event. New features, including upgraded and enhanced complications on previous watch faces, new ones such as a ‘Playtime’ face done by Joe Fulton and a Lunar face that shows the Lunar-Gregorian calendar relationship.

The Workout app has been redesigned with more runner-friendly features and metrics, like stride length, ground contact time and vertical oscillation.

A new AFib History makes its way on watchOS 9, allowing users to see if there were signs of atrial fibrillation over the course of a certain time period.

Rounding out the details are new custom workouts, alerts like Heart Rate Zones and Pace, training experiences, a Multisport workout for triathletes, Pool Swim workouts and an updated Sleep app. A new Medications app will also be added.

watchOS 9, when released, will be compatible starting with the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer.

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