watchOS 7 adds dance workout tracking feature


Apple Watch is set to get some very advanced features with the release of the next major software update. At its annual developers conference, Apple showed off watchOS 7 which brings a lot of new interesting features which will help track more of users activities.

watchOS 7 adds dance workout tracking feature

Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020 was held online this year – a virtual event which anyone could attend. During the keynote, Apple showed off the dance tracking feature which collects data from various sensors to provide a precise count of calories burnt.

Apple Watch will use data from the heart sensor, the accelerometer, and the gyroscope to calculate some very precise data on calories. Apple reported that it’s difficult to calculate precise movements of dance as they are very haphazard and do not follow a single fashion.

However, Apple reports that it has been able to test and validate its dance calorie exertion counter with some of the most popular dance forms – Bollywood, cardio dance, Latin, and hip-hop.

Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the industry. No other smartwatch from any other manufacturer comes close to competing with Apple’s offering. Google tried its hand at capturing the smartwatch market as well by emulating its Android’s successful implementation but it failed badly.

There are a handful of Android Wear smartwatches in the market and just a couple of them are actually good. However, none of them come close to matching Apple Watch’s quality, ease of use, or even functionality. 

Apple’s ecosystem of devices – Mac, iPhone, and iPad – helped Apple Watch be pushed as an extension to the iPhone. The current generation Apple Watch Series 5 is by far the most refined smartwatch in the market – it brought most requested features like the always-on display.

Apple Watch Series 5 costs $399 and the watchOS 7 update will release in September.

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