watchOS 7 (beta) to release on 22 June

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
Apple Releases watchOS 6.2.5

Apple is set to hold its annual developers conference on the 22nd of June. This year, however it will be held virtually – meaning all the attendees will have to watch the livestream the keynote and join the workshops as well on the internet. However, just like every year, Apple will unveil new versions of its operating systems – macOS, watchOS, iPadOS, tvOS – that power the Mac, the iPad, the iPhone, and the Apple TV. 

Last year, Apple released watchOS 6 – a subtle update in terms of new features but packed pretty important improvements. Also, the Apple Watch Series 5 was not that much different from the previous generation. However, this year could be major for the Apple Watch as the company could release a major new design for the smartwatch.

Apple Releases watchOS 6.2.5

Along with the changes to the design of the hardware, Apple could also spruce up the design of watchOS with its upcoming watchOS 7. It is pretty much confirmed that the company will indeed release a new version of the operating system that powers its smartwatches but it’s unclear what exactly it will carry.

While the battery of the Apple Watch is decent, some users complain about it dying before the end of the day with heavy use. It would be a worthy move from Apple to introduce a more intense battery management system on the Apple Watch with its upcoming major software update.

Also, there is no biometric authentication as of such on the Apple Watch. All of the other major products from Apple except the Apple TV & desktop Macs have a biometric authentication system such as TouchID or FaceID. It would be interesting to see Apple bring TouchID to the Apple Watch.

If Apple does add TouchID to the Apple Watch, it would allow developers to integrate the new authentication system into their apps. 

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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