WeChat Ban could have vital communication implications in US

Recently, it was announced that Trump will be banning Chinese apps TikTok, WeChat and more to ‘clean network’.

However, for some Chinese immigrants WeChat is their only way to communicate with loved ones in China. The app is one of the most important tools for them, as it’s more than just a social media platform. Chinese people use it for banking, shopping, gaming and much more.

WeChat Ban

President Trump recently said WeChat is a threat to the US’ national security as it was caught collecting user data, and ordered the owner, TenCent to sell it by September or face a US ban. In response, the foreign ministry of China declared the US as exerting hegemony.

The move certainly puts a strain between the two countries, not just in government relations but its citizens as well. WeChat is used alongside AliPay for just about every financial transaction in China, from paying for goods to dating and everything in-between.