What Is CSGO Prime And Smurf Account


Counter-Strike games have been known to be the best game series ever since they were developed in 1999. The additions to the series are undoubtedly intriguing and interesting. The latest add-on, Counter-Strike- Global Offensive is a multiplayer video game which is based on team-based action. Launched in 2012 this game is by far the most advanced and widely-played. It works as a first-person shooter game played online as well as offline. This game has two teams that pit against each other known as the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. There are certain missions that the player has to complete to move on to the next level which will have separate tasks altogether.  The tasks would be defusing a bomb, rescuing hostages, securing a location, or guarding a location. There are categories to purchase ammunition. CSGO has nine game modes. Each of the modes has its objective that the player has to surpass. Matchmaking enhances the gaming experience in each mode. A player has to either register as a Prime account or a smurf account.

What Is CSGO Prime And Smurf Account

What is CSGO Prime Account?

Prime is an exclusive feature of CSGO that improves the matchmaking system. It was initially only reserved for players who had purchased CSGO before it was available for free. The level of the player should be 21 or above or the player must own a silver medal. Holding a CSGO Prime Account brings in loads of benefits and extra features. Although, a player who has the free version of CSGO can still upgrade to a Prime Account by meeting the criteria of rank 21 or simply by just going in the “Details” menu of CSGO.

What Is CSGO Prime And Smurf Account

What is CSGO Smurf Account

A CSGO Smurf Account is nothing but an alternate account made by the experienced players to achieve easy wins against inexperienced players. It also helps in practising and advancing the gameplay of the player. Any player can easily upgrade to a CSGO Smurf Account and have a CSGO Prime Account as well.

What Is CSGO Prime And Smurf Account

How CSGO Prime and Smurfs Accounts are helpful?

A CSGO Prime Account or a Smurf Account is beneficial in many ways. The Prime Account will enable loads of benefits and improve the matchmaking. Whereas creating a Smurf Account helps in improving the skill set of the player. This brings in more players into the game. The inexperienced players will be aware of more skills and tactics that will help in bettering their gameplay. It even helps players get to know more about the hidden benefits and achieve them as they step higher after each level. 

So, having a CSGO Prime Account or CSGO Smurf Account or both are beneficial and helpful in enhancing the gaming experience for the player.


Overall, Counter-Strike has been delivering the best games for 20 years and this latest version is indeed worthwhile considering its advanced features, tasks, and graphics. The Prime Account and Smurf Account are helpful for every player and maximize the thrill of the game for both experienced and inexperienced players. Counter-Strike- Global Offensive is undoubtedly unique and comes along with loads of excitement which is not worth missing.

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