What’s wrong with Apple’s Butterfly keyboard mechanism?


Oh boy, here we go again! It’s time to rant about the butterfly keyboard found on the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. Apple introduced the butterfly keyboard mechanism in 2015 along with the 12-inch MacBook which no longer exists. However, the mechanism is still in use with the current generation MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

MacBook Scissor Switch Keyboards

Initially, people complained about the keyboard’s low amount of key travel. The whole typing experience felt shallow and the key presses made a significant amount of noise compared to the traditional scissor mechanism keyboard. Nonetheless, people adjusted as it was the only default option on all the MacBooks unless they would prefer buying a used or refurbished previous generation laptop.

Bring back the scissor-mechanism keyboard

As time passed by, few people started noticing that some keys on their laptop would indefinitely stop working. However, as not even a year had passed, people could get their laptops repaired for free as the laptop would still be under warranty. But that was not the only problem, some people also reported that on their MacBook, when a key was pressed for once, that key would appear multiple times on the display.

After a while, Apple publicly acknowledged the issue and reported that it was working on improving the repair times of the laptop. The company also added four years of warranty to the keyboard, meaning if any time from the purchase of the MacBook in four years, a problem was to arise with the keyboard, it would be solved for free.

Save yourselves and your MacBook from dust

Apple also reintroduced the keyboard multiple times with improved protection from dust. The company reported that it was the dust particles that were getting stuck under the keys that stopped movement of keys. iFixit reported that it was due to the less amount of space under the butterfly keyboard mechanised keys that was resulting in such issues.

Apple expected to launch new MacBooks with a new scissor mechanism keyboard that will supposedly solve the keyboard related issues.

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