WhatsApp introduces new Cross-Platform chat transfer feature

WhatsApp is about to launch a new feature that makes transferring chats between iOS and Android possible.

The company recently announced cross-platform transferability for its chats on iOS and Android ecosystems, which makes it easier for users to switch software.


During the Galaxy Unpacked event, WhatsApp said that they have been testing the feature for several weeks now. Adding to the announcement, the company mentioned that there was some difficulty making it possible due to end-to-end encryption technology from the two operating systems.

Cross-platform chat transfer is set to arrive on Android first, specifically Samsung models. Users will now be able to transfer chats from iOS to Samsung mobiles, including voice memos, videos, photos and chats. WhatsApp has not announced a specific date but said the feature will arrive soon.

Cross-platform chat transfer availability has not been disclosed for other Android or iOS-based smartphones. However, we can expect more details when it’s enabled on Samsung models.