WhatsApp is rolling out a multi-device feature on both Android and iOS platforms, which allows users to use the app on up to four devices without needing a phone tether.


Multi-device is currently in beta but it lets users access their accounts on desktop and web. Those who are interested can open the app, then go to Settings and Linked Devices. From there, tap the multi-device beta and the ‘join’ button.

Once successful, messages can be received and sent to and from linked devices. However, users will not be able to call or message from desktop or web to others who are using a non-updated app on their smartphone. Messages and calls remain encrypted across all devices.

WhatsApp is disconnecting linked devices if they aren’t used within 14 days. As it is currently in beta, the company says that quality and performance may be affected, and that users can exit the option any time they wish.


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