WhatsApp uses Status feature to allay privacy concerns

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has recently highlighted its Status Updates feature to ease customer worries about privacy policy changes.

WhatsApp users were worried about the new privacy policy changes, namely how business chat logs are stored on Facebook servers. Users believed Facebook intends to capture personal data and thus migrated to other services.


WhatsApp has posted on its website and social media, explaining how the policy will not affect user conversations. Furthermore, the company said that conversations are private and they use an end-to-end encryption to stop others, including Facebook from hearing or seeing the content.

WhatsApp privacy status

WhatsApp has also highlighted Status updates, similar to what Snapchat and Instagram offers regarding the app’s privacy. The messages echo the sentiment of how conversations are kept private via end-to-end encryption technology.

Signal, Telegram and other companies have been the beneficiaries of the recent mass exodus. Signal recently experienced a downtime in order to make room for millions of new users.