When will Facebook be fixed after a 4-hour long downtime

It’s been over 4 hours that Facebook has gone down worldwide and most users and businesses are now concerned about when will Facebook be fixed.

When will Facebook be fixed

No one is really sure when Facebook will be fixed. Based on multiple reports, Facebook employees are having trouble accessing their offices and a special group of teams have been sent to the Facebook data centre to do some resets to their systems.

Some sources reported that Facebook’s network has gone offline completely from the internet and it can take a long time for them to restore their services globally.

Facebook isn’t the only social media website that has gone offline. WhatsApp and Instagram that are owned by Facebook are down as well. As we write, many friends and family are disconnected from each other due to the outage.

Anyone trying to access Facebook is given a no internet connection error on their browser. The same error is given when accessing Instagram too.

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