DigitalTrends has recently revealed that MediaTek has shown the speeds that Wi-Fi 7 is capable of.

Wi-Fi 7

The semiconductor company was believed to be in close contact with ‘industry collaborators and key customers’ in demonstrating the achievable speeds of the latest wifi technology. The next generation tech can theoretically have the same speed as Thunderbolt 3.

The demo included the ‘Filogic’ and MLO, or multi-link operation technology, which combines multiple channels across different frequencies to reduce traffic congestion and interference.

Alan Hsu, GM and VP of Intelligent Connectivity says that Wi-Fi 7 could be the first to equal Ethernet and replace it for use in high-bandwidth applications. Hsu says the technology could be used in both business and home networks to provide ‘seamless connectivity’ on 4K calls, 8K streaming, cloud gaming and AR/VR applications, among others.

Currently, Wi-Fi 7 is still in draft but it’s expected to be certified in 2024 by the IEEE. 


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