Will Apple bring FaceID to the $329 iPad?

The newly released 10.2” iPad is the best tablet for the money. It costs just $329 and is the cheapest way to get into the iOS or the Apple ecosystem. However, this year the company did not update the processor of the iPad and it still uses the same chip as of last year’s iPad which was already old.

By no means is the chip found on the $329 iPad bad. Its decently powerful to get things done like YouTube watching, writing notes, and some casual web browsing. However, anything heavy like video editing in iMovie or games will definitely not offer the best possible experience.


The question now is how the $329 iPad will look in the future. By that I do not mean the current generation iPad, it will of course be the same but what the next generation of the iPad pack? If we go by the changes the iPhone line is getting, we can expect Apple to start packing FaceID on all its devices by as soon as 2020.

Will Apple bring FaceID to the $329 iPad?

FaceID is much easier to use and is loved by almost everyone. Initially its security was questioned but people got used to it pretty quickly on their iPhones and their iPad Pros. It’s time for Apple to bring the experience to all its products.

At present, FaceID is seen as a “premium feature” and same was the case with TouchID for sometime. FaceID is now three years old and Apple must have found ways to make the technology for a lot cheaper than it used to with the iPhone X.

We can expect Apple to start packing FaceID on all the iPads by October 2020. The same could be said about the Macs – having the same authentication all of Apple devices would be the best. After all, we need some congruence.