The MacBook Air was the best laptop for all kinds of purposes until 2015 as the product retailed for a price of $999. The same cannot be said about the new MacBook Air as at its launch, the product was priced $1299 which was too much to ask for an underpowered laptop. However, Apple did drop the price of the laptop by $100 next year and offered an additional $100 discount for students, bringing the price down to $999.

Will Apple make a low-cost MacBook?

The MacBook Pros are exorbitantly expensive, even more so in most countries other than the United States. There is a growing need for a MacBook at a low price point. I know that Apple laptops are expensive as they tend to more qualitative compared to other machines in the industry.

The $799 price point sounds fair as it’s not too low or too high. Apple could release a 13” MacBook with a fairly decent display panel (maybe 1080p) so as to keep the price low. The machine could be powered by Intel i5 chip along with 8GB of RAM and use just USB-C ports just like the current MacBooks to keep the price low by not spending on other ports design cut-outs and cables.

Apple could also not add the fingerprint reader on the machine as its fairly agreeable that its a premium feature. Also, as the company is moving back to scissor switch keyboard, the savings could be passed onto the customers. The butterfly keyboard mechanism used on the MacBooks from 2015 (except the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air) to 2019 (except the 16” MacBook Pro) was expensive to make and had several issues.

The Mac is doing fairly well in the desktop/laptop market. However, it can do better as a lot of people want the “quality” products from Apple. 


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