Win PS4 and Prizes in Star Wars Event, Get MacX DVD Ripper for Free

Are you a Star Wars fan and appreciate a good DVD ripping software that just works? Then you’ll love the MacXDVD Star Wars Day celebration campaign!

Today, MacXDVD is offering a slew of goodies for Star Wars aficionados, just in time for the 2021 Star Wars Day. Participants can win a brand-new PS4, Star Wars collectible toys and Star Wars Saga DVDs. All you have to do is answer the Star Wars quiz, share your own Star Wars images and join the DVD Ripper Facebook group. You also get a MacX DVD Ripper Pro giveaway version where you get all the features unlocked for 15 days upon activation!

Also, MacXDVD is sharing its DVD Ripper Pro lifetime version at a special ‘Star Wars’ event price for a limited time. Make sure to check it out and upgrade so you can rip your favorites and any DVD to add to your backup collection.

Star Wars DVD and MacXDVD Ripper – a Match Made in Heaven

Star Wars DVD and MacXDVD Ripper

A Star Wars collection isn’t complete without Star Wars DVDs. Whether you have a special edition or a trilogy bundle, you’ll want to make sure you can watch the movie anytime you like. However, hooking up a DVD player to a TV is not an option for many.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro solves that dilemma by backing up your Star Wars DVD. You can ‘rip’ the video to MP4 and play it back on compatible devices, such as your Mac, iPhone or TV. Then, you can safely stash your DVD collection as a keepsake.

What Can the MacX DVD Ripper Do?

MacX DVD Ripper

MacX DVD Ripper is like no other DVD ripping tool you’ve had before. Here are its main features and benefits.

Rip DVD With Zero Issues

Rip DVD With Zero Issues

Forget having to stare at your computer screen every time you want to back up a DVD- MacX Ripper solves that problem and removes any chances of playback or disc error.

With every update MacXDVD keeps getting better and better. When you rip a DVD you can be sure that it’s going to work, which means you don’t have to test and re-do everything.

Convert to Any Format You Wish

Convert to Any Format You Wish

Want to watch the original Star Wars trilogy in your iPhone? No problem. MacXDVD gives you total freedom to choose the output format, from MP4 to MOV and everything in-between.

You can set the format to your favorite devices, such as iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and even game consoles such as Xbox and Playstation.

Supports Full DVD Content Backup

Supports Full DVD Content Backup

Don’t you hate it when your DVD ripper comes up short in quality? They may not even do a 1:1 copy of your DVD.

With MacXDVD you get top-notch quality in your DVD backup. The full contents will be transferred to any format, including MP4 so you can enjoy your collection even when you’re on the go.

Works With Any and All DVDs

Works With Any and All DVDs

MacXDVD works with any DVD in existence, including new 99-title DVDs, regional DVDs, copy-protected DVDs and those that are failing and can’t be read by a DVD player.

It can even detect and successfully rip badly damaged DVDs, old and badly structured DVDs so you can save your entire DVD collection and not have any single one left out.

Edit Videos Easily In-Program

Edit Videos Easily In-Program

MacXDVD users get complete editing and customization freedom when they choose the software as their primary ripper. You can add subtitles, cut straight to the action, edit out commercials, merge videos and adjust essential parameters as needed. All this without having to install a secondary editing app or software.

The Frontrunner in DVD Ripping Speed

The Frontrunner in DVD Ripping Speed

MacXDVD boasts the fastest ripping speed among DVD ripping software in the market. You save time and can get more done, thanks to the 47x faster speed Level 3 hardware acceleration tech.

A typical DVD only takes 5 minutes to rip from start to finish!

How to Convert DVD to MP4 Using MacXDVD Ripper Pro

Step 1. Get the Free DVD to MP4 converter for Mac and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Open the software and wait for it to load. Then, insert the DVD you wish to back up and click the DVD disc icon.

Step 3. Choose your preferred video format (MP4) and the destination folder to where the file will be saved.

Step 4. Click the ‘Run’ button and wait for the process to be done in 5 minutes!

Take Advantage of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro Time-Limited Special Offer Today

To Star Wars fans, Star Wars day is a beloved tradition and should be filled with fun and camaraderie among people who adore the franchise. Celebrate Star Wars day by participating in the MacX Star Wars Day contest and you can win Star Wars swag for free.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade to MacX DVD Ripper lifetime license with special offer, which gives you the ultimate access to the best DVD ripper in the market today, all at a discounted price.

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