Windows 365 service will include support for Apple Silicon

Microsoft has recently announced a service that can emulate virtual PCs in browsers.

Boot Camp, Apple’s longstanding Windows tool has been dropped when the company made the shift to M1, but Microsoft then announced a new service called Windows 365.

The service, when launched will allow users run Windows in the cloud using a browser. This can be done on virtually any platform or operating system.

Satya Nadelia, Microsoft CEO said that Windows 365 is a step towards a new category- Cloud PC. Where SaaS, or software as a service ran in the cloud so is Windows to provide security and flexibility and empower the workforce to be connected and productive anywhere.

Windows 365 is set to launch August 2 this year as a subscription service. There’s no pricing yet but the endeavor mostly caters to businesses. The Verge reports that the service will be offered in Enterprise and Business versions thru the Azure Virtual Desktop.

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