Windows to change Outlook for Mac with Web-Based platform

Microsoft will be changing its Outlook for Mac app with a web-based universal client platform.

Just a few months ago Microsoft mentioned that it will be releasing a redesigned Outlook but has scrapped it midway through. The company intends to go with a web-based app for its new client.

Windows to Change Outlook for Mac

The universal client, named ‘Monarch’ is designed to work on the Mac, Windows and web. Furthermore, it will replace Calendar and Mail apps on Windows 10 and unify all of Outlook apps under one roof.

‘Monarch’ is rumored to come from the pre-existing Outlook app and should serve as the main indicator of how it may look and function in the future. Notifications and offline storage may vary on Mac but it’s thought to be universal in every aspect.

A universal client can benefit users due to having a smaller file size and have the same user experience regardless of device. A preview of the new Outlook is believed to be available to the public by Q4 2021.