Windows to get iCloud Photos, Apple TV and Apple Music

Windows creator Microsoft recently announced that the Apple TV and Apple Music app, as well iCloud Photos will be coming to the ecosystem this year.

Currently, the only way to access Apple TV and Apple Music is to open a browser and type the web address. With the app integration of Apple TV and Apple Music, users can just open it and watch or listen to their favorite music. Although going on iTunes to access Apple Music is viable, it requires several steps and having to install the antiquated app.

Apple Music, Apple TV, and iCloud Photos Integration Coming to Windows

Microsoft’s gaming consoles Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X already have the Apple Music app, and Sony’s latest console, the Playstation 5, also has it as well. Microsoft reveals that PCs will have both app previews available this year.

iCloud Photos integration will also launch, allowing iPhone users to transfer their photos on Windows 11 machines in November.