Wireless Charging Accessories Roundup


We at iLounge have a special deal on Wireless Charging Accessories, perfect for those who have wireless-supported iPhones and gadgets.

Wireless Charger

LeatherDock Wireless Charger

LeatherDock Wireless Charger is an ultra-classy wireless charging accessory, which guarantees a sure charge no matter how you place your iPhone on top. Right now, it’s priced at just $29 down from $35.99, a 19% off deal.

CoreStand Qi Wireless Charger

CoreStand Qi Wireless Charger is a stand and wireless charger hybrid that adds juice to iOS and Android-supported devices. The height-adjustable feature and aluminum base is elegant and gives you the ability to text, email or call while in charge mode. It’s normally priced $39.99, but we’ve taken 24% off and brought it down to just $30.

MultiDock Qi Wireless Charging Dock

MultiDock Qi Wireless Charging Dock

MultiDock Qi Wireless Charging Dock gives Qi-compatible phone owners more reason to ditch the cord. You can use the accessory as a desktop component or into a USB wall outlet. There’s also an adjustable cradle that helps provide the perfect angle. It’s normally priced $39.99, but is now on sale for only $30 at 24% off.


Samantha Wiley

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