A 32-year old London resident was shocked to find that the iPhone 13 Pro Max she ordered turned into a bottle of hand soap.

Hand Soap Instead of iPhone 13 Pro Max

Khaoula Lafhaily recounted her experience with Wales Online, saying that she got the smartphone from Sky Mobile along with a contract for around 1,500 pounds. Needless to say, she was in ‘complete shock’ when she opened the package two days later and was greeted with blue soap.

Lafhaily said that she bought the iPhone January 24 and had it next-day delivered. However, the driver did not show up, and the same happened on the second try.

The Londoner called Sky Mobile immediately and relayed the concern. The carrier promised her a quick investigation, but she told Wales Online that she has not heard from the company for a week now.

Apple shoppers have had unrelated items sent to them before. In 2021, there was a report that a yogurt drink was found in place of an iPhone 12 Pro Max when it arrived at the customer’s doorstep.


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