Woman records audio on swallowed AirPod

A woman from Boston has claimed to have swallowed one of her AirPod, thinking it was a painkiller.

TikTok user @iamcarliiib told a story on how she was getting into bed and had a left AirPod and Ibuprofen on both hands, then popped an item and drank water, then suddenly realized that what she took wasn’t medicine. The Boston native then had an X-Ray to confirm the accident and waited until the audio accessory went out of her body through normal means.

In another video, the woman said she recorded audio while it was in her stomach and heard gurgling noises in a voice memo. The two videos made the rounds on TikTok, and she said her sharing was ‘for educational purposes’.

This isn’t the first time an Apple AirPod was swallowed.In Georgia, a 7 year old was sent to the emergency room while in Massachusetts, a man had swallowed one while sleeping.

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