WordPress for iOS update locked due to In-App purchase concerns


Mat Mullenweg, WordPress iOS developer has recently tweeted that Apple has blocked the app from getting updates until its .com plans show up as in-app purchases.


After 3 weeks of no updates, the WordPress team finally sent one out after implementing an in-app purchase plan. Afterwards, Mullenweg reached out to the public and asked for suggestions regarding the app.

WordPress for iOS allows users to build website, access domain-based email and set up custom domains. However, it doesn’t have an option to unlock paid features via direct payments. Also, .com creation is free and users get a WordPress domain, something that Apple could be seeking to get a share of.

The issue, it seems stems from the fact that the app directs users to WordPress website when making a payment, which is a violation of App Store Review Guidelines.

Mullenweg has confirmed that the in-app purchase option will be available within 30 days.

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