Is it worth buying the iPhone XR? [September 2019]

Last year, the iPhone XR was applauded for its fantastic battery life and its excellent camera. The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max were definitely the highlights of the day but with a lower price tag of $749 compared to iPhone XS’ starting price of $999, it was a better deal. The three major differences between the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR are the camera (sort of), the battery, and the screen.

This article will delve more into the details but the fact is: the iPhone XR is a great phone and will last for years to come if you buy it today. At present, the iPhone XR retails for $599 in the US and if you are lucky, you can find the product discounted at major outlets.

Courage: Kill 3D Touch

Is it worth buying the iPhone XR? [September 2019]

With the iPhone XR, Apple decided to not incorporate 3D Touch. It was initially seen as a compromise but critics and users quickly realized that it was one of Apple’s best moves in a while. By not incorporating 3D Touch, Apple was able to pack a much larger battery compared to the iPhone XS.

iPhone XR
iPhone XR is available in six different colors

The iPhone XR performed exceptionally well in terms of battery life. Users reported that they were able to use the iPhone XR very well into their second day of use with a single 100% charge. Of course, it was not just the removal of 3D Touch that improved the battery life: the use of a much less pixel dense display which requires less amount of power and also the fact that the body of iPhone XR is much bigger.

So if you are considering buying the iPhone XR, we strongly recommend you to go ahead with it. We expect the iPhone XR to be supported for another four years at the minimum with major software updates.

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