Wozniak and Jobs’ signed documents set to go on auction


A group of Apple memorabilia, including a document signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak will be sold at an auction this July.

Wozniak and Jobs

The auction-bound items were collected by Charles Mann, Powersharing Series creator and will be going in the ‘Apple, Jobs and Computer Hardware’ section, which includes an Apple Newton MessagePad, computer manuals and unique objects such as paper signed by co-founder Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and other pioneers of tech.

The documents of Powersharing Series release forms include Bill Atkinson, John Sculley, Alvy Ray Smith, Esther Dyson and Bill Gates. Powersharing Series is a set of recorded audio on education sessions and talks at the Boston Computer Society. The document signed by Steve Jobs will start at $1,000, while the Wozniak-signed document will start at $200. It’s believed that the Jobs document will reach a price of $12K at the end of the auction.

The collection will go live starting July 22 11am Eastern Time and will close on August 18.

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