Wozniak-Signed Apple-1 goes on auction


A restored 1976 Apple-1 that’s signed by Steve Wozniak will be up for bidding on June 2.

Apple-1 Goes on Auction

Rare machines such as the Apple-1 computer have been auctioned before, but this specific item may be different, as it’s signed by the person who designed it, Steve Wozniak.

The restored computer currently belongs to APPL Collection founder Jimmy Grewal, who mentioned that his interest in Apple products began when his parents bought their first Apple computer.

According to Grewal, the #89 Apple-1 has nearly all its original components. It’s given the moniker ‘Schlumberger 2’ as it was bought by a Schlumberger executive in New York, then taken to Europe. Furthermore, it’s believed to be the only one that has Wozniak’s signature on the Motorola 6502 processor, which happened in 2021.

Bidding for the Woz-signed Apple-1 is set to begin June 2 on eBay starting 9am Pacific. A link to the product has been posted on the APPL Collection official website.

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