WPA3 security introduced in iOS 15

iOS 15 will feature greater Wi-Fi security protocols when it arrives to users, thanks to WPA3 protocol integration to prevent password guessing.

In 2018 June the Wi-Fi Alliance announced WPA3 as a solution to simplified Wi-Fi security, increased cryptographic strength and more robust authentication. Hotspot connections on the iOS 14 on iPad and iPhone only have WPA2, but then it will be secured when WPA3 rolls out.

iOS 15

Apple products have the capability to connect with WPA3 security but the devices that set up the hotspots could only create them with WPA2.

iOS hotspot experience will largely remain the same. WPA3 caters to those who set up hotspots with relatively simple passwords, and those who attempt to connect will have a harder time guessing the password.

iPadOS 15 and iOS 15 are currently being beta tested with developers, with a public beta in the works and expected to launch this summer.