Your newly-bought Apple AirTag deserves the best kind of protection. Today, you can get one at a whopping 47% off, as the Case-Mate AirTag Key Ring Holder is down to just $7.99 from its original price of $15 on Amazon.


Case-Mate has a premium AirTag case that’s just as good as the one Apple is offering. Plus, it includes a key ring holder so you have more attachment options- put your item tracker on your luggage, keys or purse and you won’t have to worry about them getting lost for long.

The key ring case features a super durable outer shell that molds perfectly with your AirTag, and the ring clip is heavy duty which means it can take a beating. Case-Mate’s product is an absolute must if you want your AirTag to last a lifetime, and at 47% off there’s no better time to get one than today!


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