Wrap Your AirTag with a Retro-Inspired Case at 30% Off

Catch the retro tech trend and clothe your AirTag with an iPod Shuffle-inspired case. Today, the Elago Shuffle Case W7 is down to just $8.99 from its original price of $13 on Amazon.

The main draw of the W7 is easily outfitting your AirTag and making it look like a vintage iPod Shuffle. As a case, it offers superior protection as it’s made from non-toxic silicone and therefore safe from children and pets. Your AirTag will be protected from spills, bumps and scratches and is sure to work for a long time.

AirTag with a Retro-Inspired Case

The accessory has a hole that allows you to attach a keyring or carabiner for a more secure attachment. You’ll love how it makes your AirTag stand out from the crowd, and it will do what it’s supposed to without worrying about getting damaged.

Opt for the retro feel and buy the Elago Shuffle Case W7 at 30 percent off. $8.99 is a great deal, so get it today!