Wrap Your MacBook in a Protective Sleeve at 25% Off

Treat your MacBook well by giving it a comfy home and a premium laptop sleeve. Today, the Stow Lite MacBook Sleeve for the 13-inch MacBook Air and 16-inch MacBook Pro is down to just $29.99 from its original price of $40 on Amazon.

The Native Union Stow Lite comes in a slew of colors to match your style, and offers a degree of minimalist protection for your investment. The exterior is made up of resistant material, while the interior is quilted to provide 360-degree protection from outside elements. It’s a form-fitting sleeve that doesn’t add too much bulk, making it the perfect cover for those who want a convenient sleeve.

MacBook in a Protective Sleeve

The coated canvas and water-repellent zipper keeps the dust and moisture out when you’re not using your MacBook, and Native Union is confident enough to offer a one-year warranted and an extended warranty if you register your sleeve online. Get the discounted Stow Lite MacBook Sleeve today!