Writers of ‘The Office’ says first iPod Video appearance boosted the show’s popularity

Several producers and writers of the hit comedy series ‘The Office’ claimed that the appearance of the first iPod video in the show made it more popular.

Michael Schur and Greg Daniels gave an account of how the iPod gave the show a much-needed bump and made them realize that their audience was younger than anticipated in ‘History of the Sitcom’, a CNN series.

The Office

After the Christmas episode where the iPod made its appearance, Apple had made a deal with NBC and the episode reached a highest-rated episode where people watched it on their iPods. The model was a 5th gen iPod Classic and Rainn Wilson then made a comment that their audience was younger than they assumed.

The Office staff also changed their show’s direction after the first season. They began shifting away from their British counterparts and made it ‘less cynical’. The writers also made Michael, the office boss more optimistic