Apple to unveil the new Mac Pro at WWDC alongside iOS 13, macOS 10.15

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
WWDC 2019 kicks off June 3
WWDC 2019 kicks off June 3

Apple’s biggest event of the year is almost here; its week-long Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) starts tomorrow with the keynote at 10AM PDT. The company is expected to announce the next version of macOS, iOS, and plethora of software updates to its wide range of products.

The next version of iOS will reportedly add system-wide dark mode, similar to the feature found on macOS. “Dark Mode” appears to be the current trend, as majority of the app-makers shipping their apps with built-in support for the same. iOS 13 could also bring some freshness to the UI and UX of the operating system with new in-app design changes.

WWDC 2019 kicks off June 3

Future of macOS looks great

The most exciting news for developers of iOS and macOS platforms would be the release of “Marzipan API”. At WWDC 2018, Apple unveiled its plan for the future of “macOS & iOS” and it looks great; post WWDC, developers could essentially port their iOS apps to the Mac platform without changing much of the code.

Mac users are also expected to be greeted with some fresh new apps for Apple Music, Videos, and Podcasts. The platform is also due for app launches like the Apple TV which is to house the company’s streaming service later this year.

New Mac Pro

Mac Pro concept

Apart from its usual new versions of softwares, Apple is also expected to unveil the new modular Mac Pro. In 2016, the company promised an overhaul to the Mac Pro after the last version (2013) turned out to very problematic to upgrade by consumers and Apple alike.

At WWDC 2017, Apple showcased an almost Mac Pro equivalent All-In-One (AIO) iMac Pro to keep the prosumers updated with the latest tech. Similarly, its expected that Apple would show-off the new tower-styled Mac Pro it has been working on for almost three years now.

For more on WWDC, check back on the 3rd of June. You can also watch the WWDC 2019 live here.

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