Xbox Co-Creator Called In To Help With Apple Arcade

Apple has hired Nat Brown, former Valve engineer and Xbox co-creator to help with the launch of their game service Apple Arcade.

Nat Brown has tweeted that he’s excited about joining the Apple Arcade team and working on graphics and applications on the Apple platform. Brown is a notable figure in the tech industry, having held prominent positions such as Valve VR, Myspace VP and Xbox co-creator. Some of the projects that Brown could be working on include ARKit, AR headset and the aforementioned Arcade.

Brown has further emphasized that VR and AR systems have great potential for improvement, and that creating VR and AR games make platforms better in terms of software. Here, games can spin off to become new user experience concepts or make use of hardware to power new solutions.

Apple Arcade is set to be launched this fall and will have more than 100 exclusive games.

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