Microsoft has updated its Xbox app to be able to play Xbox games on an iOS device. The Xbox remote play on iOS is now officially available to all Xbox app users.

Xbox remote play iOS

The feature is being tested since September but it’s only now that it’s appeared on the Xbox app. The patch updates mention a few more functionalities, such as party chat across devices, sharing and viewing screenshots and clips, playing remotely, and setting up and queuing games.

The Xbox app is markedly different from xCloud service, which hasn’t yet appeared on the iOS platform due to cloud gaming restrictions. xCloud allows games to be streamed straight from Microsoft’s servers without the need to own a console. 

The Xbox app is similar to the Remote Play app by Sony. Its streaming feature allows users to play Xbox games even when they’re not at home. At least 10Mb/s download speeds are required as well as a 5GHz WiFi or 5G connection.

The Xbox app is available to download for free on the App Store.


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