Xcode 12 brings fresh new design and new document tabs

Apple has released Xcode 12 – the next major release that brings tools to mark the transition of Mac from Intel chips to Apple silicon. It brings a new design to match the look of macOS Big Sur and new document tabs to help quickly switch between different files.

Xcode 12’s Navigator fonts also have been altered to match the system size font and can also additionally be set to small, medium, or large. By default, Xcode 12 will create a universal Mac app, so that developers can publish their apps to both Intel Macs and Apple silicon Macs at the same time.

Xcode 12 brings fresh new design and new document tabs

Apple is also making huge bets on SwiftUI by letting developers build apps completely in SwiftUI. The framework will help developers reduce the time spent on creation of apps for different platforms by letting developers create apps for all Apple platforms at once.

“The Apple developer community inspires us all with apps that help more than a billion users, transform industries, and change the world. This WWDC, we’ve introduced innovative new APIs, frameworks, and tools designed to help developers take their app experiences further and reach even more users,” said Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller

Catalyst will also play a major as Apple moves from Intel to its own custom silicon. Developers will now be able to create more native looking Mac apps from their pre-existing iPad apps.

“The App Store ecosystem is more diverse, dynamic, and successful than it has ever been, but we know that to make it better for everyone, there is more we must do together. This year at WWDC20, we’ve added online App Store Labs, extended the annual App Store developer survey, and more because we want to hear directly from hundreds of thousands of developers on how they want us to improve the App Store for them, and for users,” added Schiller.