Chinese tech manufacturer Xiaomi has unveiled a new product today- the ‘Mi Air Charge’ which can charge compatible devices from several meters away without any use of stands or cables.

Air Charge

The remote wireless charging technology offers a ‘true’ wireless charging on up to 5W via beamforming energy transmission and advanced spatial positioning.

Xiaomi has made a charging unit that contains 5 interference antennas, all of which can detect a smartphone’s location. A control array containing more than a hundred antennas send waves to the form via beamforming. It’s capable of juicing up multiple devices over several meters in radius, with physical interference being a non-factor.

The company announced that they intend to make the ‘Mi Air Charger’ available to other wearables, smartwatches, desk lamps and smart speakers in the future.

Progress in wireless charging solutions seem to be advancing, with Apple offering MagSafe on the iPhone 12 lineup and recently partnering up with Energous to develop its own remote charging products.


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